What You Need to Check before Hiring a Car Abroad

Americans are blessed in many ways to live in such a safe and accommodating country. When you go abroad you may not find the level of care and consideration from service providers. Furthermore, the roads aren’t as safe as the US. You don’t need to venture far to understand this. Just look at the road accident statistics in Mexico and you will understand how lucky you are doing most of your driving in the U.S.

Studies show that there is a high chance your hire car abroad will come with one or two serious problems. These could be anything from not properly inflated tires to defective seat belts or airbags. They may not have as stringent vehicle checks as in the U.S. Or the providers may not care enough. So, here are a few things you should make sure you to be in order.


Make sure that you buy auto insurance for your hire car just in case something may happen to it. Even in best of case, you would at least have a peace of mind. Did you ever have to drop a car in a rental car lot and drop the keys through a box? Did you feel comfortable about it or worry that something might happen to it. With an insured automobile you wouldn’t really worry about it at all.

2. Tires

Have a quick check of the tires before driving off. If you don’t like the way they look you can either ask them to check it or give you another car.

3. Reputation

If you can help it, find a reputable hire car company because you can check as much as you like but you wouldn’t understand what is wrong with the engine.

4. Emergency Number

Make sure they have an emergency number you could call. It is best that they attend to their vehicles instead of you looking for a garage to get a car fixed.

5. Pay with Your Credit Card

Quite a few credit cards cover hired cars automatically. If you have no idea if your credit card provides such cover or not, it cannot heart anyway.

6. Make Sure Every Driver Is Insured

This is an important point that can make your insurance null. You need to tell them from the start if someone else would be driving the car too.

7. Inspect the Automobile

They usually inspect it before they give out. You should inspect yourself too to see if it is in good order. A quick inspection can reveal a lot about a vehicle.

Don’t assume that you will get the same level of attention while you are abroad. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see that there are crooks in some corner of the world who set up shops to con unsuspecting American tourists. It cannot heart to be cautious and watch out for tell signs.

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